Welcome. At Rolling Hills Hospital excellence is the hallmark of all that we do and we strive for it in our customer service, community outreach and patient care. It’s at the very core of the quality we provide throughout our organization. We believe it’s imperative that Rolling Hills is nothing less than superior in the way we deliver services to our patients. As you read through our mission statement, our values, and our service excellence standards, we hope you’ll see that commitment in everything we do here at Rolling Hills Hospital.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Rolling Hills Hospital is to deliver quality behavioral healthcare treatment. Our goal is to be responsive to the growing demands of the mental health community and, through our leadership and expert staff, provide compassion and excellence to all we serve.

Our Values

  • We take care of patients
  • We take care of ourselves
  • We take care of each other

Our Service Excellence Standards

  • Treat everyone as a guest
  • Demonstrate professionalism and excellence in the things I do
  • Practice teamwork