Born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Laurel Roberts absolutely always knew she wanted to be a nurse — there was never any question. “I just always knew that I wanted to help people,” she says, so she earned her BSN at Indiana University and a master’s from University of Phoenix.

Roberts joined the team at Rolling Hills Hospital in July 2012. Previously, she worked as a nursing informaticist and has nearly two decades of nursing administration experience. Today, she sees it as her life’s mission to provide care to patients and to ensure that the nurses who work for her provide excellent care as well.

Psych nursing involves very different skills. It’s less about stethoscopes and monitors and more about the ability to listen and connect with people who are at difficult places in their lives. Roberts sees part of her job as instilling hope, helping patients get to a point where they are able to accept the help being offered.

Life away from Rolling Hills is busy too. Roberts lives in the country with her husband of 30 years, their two daughters and two dogs. She enjoys camping and other outdoor activities and is also a long-time Girl Scout leader.