Nashville Police, Justice System Show Compassion Toward Mentally Ill

The stories make the news with increasing frequency: A frightened person screaming for help when nobody else sees danger. Suicidal or scared people climbing onto freeway overpasses or bridges, either contemplating taking a leap or just contemplating. A confused, bewildered person walking around naked in an airport. Where do they usually end up? In jail….

Federal Data Shows Many Misusing Opioids Have “Serious” Co-occurring Mental Disorder

Roughly 41.2 percent of all people who have a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental disorder, 2015 statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show.1 But until now, specific data as to how often mental illness coincides with opiate use disorders has not been available. In late January 2017, the Substance…

How to Cope with Bereavement When You’re Sober

When difficult things happen, addicts habitually turn to their addiction to block out pain and discomfort. If you attend a treatment or rehab program, you learn how to cope with negative events in a healthy way, so that breakups or job losses do not lead to relapse. But there is perhaps one issue that is…

Suicides Rates Rise in Tennessee —and Other Unexpected Locations

It’s not something any community wants to see: suicide rates trending up, up, up. But it’s also not something to be ignored, particularly when treatment options like Lakeside Hospital in Memphis are right in our backyard. Tennessee’s suicide rate is the highest it has been in five years, according to the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network….

Why Are the Brains of Teens and Young Adults So Prone to Addiction and Its Deadly Consequences?

It is well-established that teenagers and young adults tend to be more vulnerable to addiction and other forms of reckless behavior compared to other age groups. And when they do become addicted, the consequences are often more severe. A group of neurologists convened recently to discuss these problems at “The Addicted Brain and New Treatment…